Software Demonstrations

Luuk Wan Waes and Mariëlle Leijten (University of Antwerp, Belgium)

Programs like Scriptlog, Translog and Inputlog faciltate researchers to collect finegrained process data and offer support in analyzing these data. As a consequence, keystroke logging has become more and more popular in writing research. Large data collections are set up and different analysis perspectives are being explored. Step by step and study by study we are now paving the path to a better understanding of process data in writing.

However, only few researchers have concentrated on how to bring keystroke logging to the classroom. Not because they are not convinced that writing development could benefit from a more process oriented pedagogy, but mainly because ‘translating’ complex and large data sets to an educational context is still a big challenge.

Therefore, we have developed a new function in Inputlog, specifically aiming to facilitate writing tutors in providing process feedback to their students. The so called ‘report’ function automatically generates a pdf-file addressing different perspectives to the students’ writing process like:
– pausing behavior
– revision behavior
– source interaction
– fluency.

These perspectives are reported either quantitavily or visually (e.g. a process graph showing the gradual growth of their text in combination with their source use). Brief introductory texts explain the information presented. The program provides a default feedback report. However, the report is structured and generated on the basis of an XML-file, allowing users to compose their own feedback report.

During the demonstrations we will illustrate this report function and share our first experiences with this document in our writing classes.