Software Demonstrations

Henrik Hansson (Stockholm University, Sweden)

SciPro is a thesis management system supporting students, supervisors and administrators at a university department. The system facilitates the process and quality assurance of bachelor, master or PhD theses. The Internet based system consist of 17 different functionalities (see bundled into two packages 1) Basic, and 2) Advanced. At the Department of computer and systems sciences, Stockholm University an evaluation was conducted of all completed theses during 7 years: 1969 theses (written by 2608 students) which clearly showed that SciPro contributed significantly to much higher completion rates of theses (from 57/year to 559/year with same number of supervisors (about 90/year). Furthermore, significantly increased thesis quality could be proven by several different indicators. In the session all functionalities will be demonstrated and hands on activities will be provided for participants in order to try out the system with their own devices; lap top, smart phone or tablet.