Genie Giamimo

Title: Assessing the Perceptions of the OSU Writing Center

Abstract: Following-up on the large-scale assessment survey that studied students’ perceptions of writing centers and personal writing skills at the Two Year College level, this presentation will present replicable, agreeable, and data-supported (RAD) findings from a large R1 land grant institution. The previous longitudinal study analyzed 850 survey responses over two years, while the current study will analyze one year’s responses of roughly 600 responses. The survey was co-designed by student researchers at the Two-Year College and disseminated by student researchers in a tutoring in a writing center course. This presentation discusses how perceptions analytics of students who both do and do not attend writing centers yields novel findings in writing center studies related to mandatory attendance, writing confidence, and perceptions of threshold to development–all of which can dispel the “lore” that so often accompanies writing center studies on fundamental questions about the function and purpose of writing centers and the place of student-clients within them. As part of the study, findings from the TYC survey will be published in Praxis: A Writing Center Journal in December 2017. The proofs are shared as evidence of progress on analysis, although the presentation will share findings from the most current iteration of the study at the large R1 land grant institution. Discussion will also include cross-comparison between both research sites.