Tentative Schedule

Thursday: January 11, 2018

9-12, Symposiums

Note: Enrollment in the two symposiums below is limited. Participation is covered by conference registration; however, to attend the symposium you must register by notifying Martha Heiser at mlh3@mail.usf.edu

1. Symposium for Writing Program Directors: Data Jam

Symposium Leader: Erica Snow

2. Symposium on New Tools for Writers: From tool development to writing analytics and back: Using data to explore pedagogical impacts and create the next generation of writing tools

Symposium Leaders: Elena Cotos (Iowa State University), Otto Kruse (Zurich University of Applied Sciences), and Christian Rapp (Zurich University of Applied Sciences)

12-1, Lunch

1:00 -1:45, Erica Snow, Imbellus 

Presentation Title: What can Writing Studies learn from the Fields of Cognitive Psychology and Predictive Analytics?

1:45-2:00, Coffee Break

2:00 -3:00 

Stefanie Wulff and Ryan Boettger: Passive Voice in Student Technical Writing: Gender or Genre? Abstract

Suguru Ishizaki and David Kaufer: Making the Invisible–Helping Students Develop Their Textual Awareness through Visualization Abstract

3:00 -3:15, Coffee Break


      Writing Analytics and Peer Review in STEM (Roundtable)

Speakers: Val Ross, Director of Critical Writing at University of Pennsylvania; Christiane Donahue, Director of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric at Dartmouth; Chris Anson, Director of the Campus Writing and Speaking Program at North Carolina State University; Suzanne Lane, Director of Writing,    Rhetoric, and Professional Communication at MIT

4:30-5:30, Synergy Session (Ignite Format)

Note: People making tools for writers are invited to do a 5 minute Ignite PowerPoint on their tool. Ignite is a presentation format that’s simpler than Pecha Kucha but longer than lightening talks. In Ignite, each speakers gets 5 minutes, and must use 20 slides with each slide advancing automatically after 15 seconds, forcing speakers to get the point, fast. Participants thus far:

  1. Joseph Moxley, MyReviewers
  2. Christian Rapp and Otto Kruse, Thesis Writer
  3.  Alon Friedman and Paul Rosen, MyReviewers Peer Review
  4. Scott DeWitt and Susan Lang, The Writers Exchange

8:00 p.m., Bonfire on the Beach

Friday: January 12, 2018

8:00-9:00, Chat with Editorial Board, The Journal of Writing Assessment. Norbert Elliot

9:00-10:00, Jill Burstein, Director of Research of the Natural Language Processing Group in the Research Division at Educational Testing Service

Presentation Title: Automated Writing Evaluation & the Literacy Challenge: Tools for Supporting & Understanding Postsecondary Writers Abstract


Session One:

Helen Friesen: We are all Relations: An Indigenous Course Requirement as Part of a Good Way to Reconciliation Abstract

Inas Mahfouz: “Did anyone ever…” Reader Engagement in First Year Writing: A Cross Cultural Study Abstract

Session Two: 

Susan Lang and Scott Dewitt: Exploratory Text Mining of Student Peer Reviews Abstract

11:15-12:30, Lunch on Your Own

12:30-1:30, Phil Durant, Senior Lecturer in Language Education at the University of Exeter

Presentation Title: Corpus Research on the Development of Children’s School Writing Abstract


Session One: 

Amy Stornaiuolo and Matthew Hall: Tracing Impact through Data Visualization of Networking Writing Abstract

Garrett Colon: Matters of Perspective: Making the Most of Data from Program Assessment Focus Groups Abstract

Session Two: 

Alex Rudniy: Modeling Lab Report Scores in Chemistry Courses Abstract

Jassica Nastal-Dema, Emily Isaacs, and Rajeev Reddy Rachamalla: Attitudes toward peer review in General Chemistry classes Abstract

Genie Giaimo: Assessing the Perceptions of the OSU Writing Center Abstract

3:00-3:45, Educational Datamining

Session One: Norbert Elliot and Alex Rudniy  

Session Two: TBD

4:30-4:45, Closing Remarks