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Writing Analytics, Data Mining, and Student Success

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The Journal of Writing Analytics and the University of South Florida invite proposals for papers to be given at the 4th International Conference on Writing Analytics: Writing Analytics, Data Mining, and Student Success. This two day conference will be held in St. Petersburg, FL on Thursday and Friday, January 12-13, 2017. The conference will provide a mix of featured speakers, who are leaders in the emerging field of Writing Analytics, as well as peer-reviewed presentations. Proposals are due December 1st.

This conference will bring together theorists and researchers from Writing Studies, Corpus Linguistics, and Business Analytics to explore the emergence of writing analytics and data mining as a primary concern for academe, both as a business and a methodology for constructing knowledge. Featured speakers will report on new educational data and text mining methods, advances in intelligent tutorial systems and artificial intelligence, pioneering research on machine feedback for formative as opposed to summative commentary, and research on ways to provide more helpful feedback on student work in less time. Participants will discuss how scores and comments on writing projects in the freshman year can be used to predict retention and student success...Read on.