Upcoming Events

Tools for Writers is pleased to announce an upcoming EDM workshop to be held on June 29, 2016. 

Writing Analytics, Data Mining, & Writing Studies, a preconference workshop at EDM 2016, aims to generate cross-disciplinary research among writing program directors and faculty, computational linguists, computer scientists, and educational measurement specialists. The primary goal of this workshop is to facilitate a research community around the topic of large-scale data analysis with a particular focus on writing studies, data mining, and analytics...Read on.


In addition, there will also be a conference held in January 2017 set to discuss Writing Analytics, Data Mining, and Student Success

Intended for Writing Program Directors, Writing Analytics, Data Mining and Student Success will explore innovations in writing analytics and data mining. Presentations will address ways writing analytics and data-mining methods can leverage the affordances of digital tools to improve writing feedback to students and assessments of writing programs for institutions. The conference will provide a space for developers, researchers, writing program administrators, and university-based entrepreneurs to showcase their software, big-data research, and theoretical work regarding ways technologies are challenging traditional approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment...Read more.

Past Events

Colloquium: 2015 Digital Writing Tools for Global Citizens

This colloquium explores and celebrates the impacts that digital writing tools have on the act, study, teaching, and assessment of writing. We are especially curious to evaluate ways digital tools globalize writing pedagogy, research, practice, and literacies.  As we look across programs, universities, and continents, we wonder how we can leverage the big data that is aggregated by some digital tools to measure the development and transfer of cognitive, intrapersonal, and interpersonal competencies...Read on

Past Events

Colloquium: 2014 Big Data and Writing Studies

In an effort to broaden the conversation about Big Data, we would like to invite you to come share, discuss, and ponder the promises, dangers, methods, and methodologies that Big Data holds for Writing Studies.

The University of South Florida (Tampa) will host this free, one-day colloquium to explore the implications of Big Data for Writing Studies. At USF, faculty and doctoral students have been working towards applying Big Data research tools and methods in the context of university writing programs.  Thanks to our institution’s use of My Reviewers (see http://myreviewers.com), we now have a corpus of more than 130,000 student essays, 30,000 peer-reviews, and hundreds of thousands of instructor comments...Read on